Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday 27th Sept – a walk and a rest

No driving is planned at all today… the car deserves a rest (or at least those gears do)! We sleep in til 8am and then head down to breakfast. The mornings have been so beautiful that we have been taking our breakfast out on the terrace where we can look over the wonderful valley below, with its vineyards, stone built hamlets, the distant hills and now defunct farm terraces.  It is a stunning view.

Once our bellies are full, it is then off on our 10 km hike up some nearby hills (5 km ‘up’ and then 5 km back down) to a tower that is on top of one of the nearby hills. The second half of the walk up is quite steep and so Jackie has told me I have to say we scaled a mountain today!

It takes nearly 2 hours at our slow but steady pace to reach the top, but it is so worth it with 360’ views of the surrounding countryside. Almost everything we see is villages and countryside there is not a large city or town, for that matter, to be seen. It really is a lovely part of France around here.  The tower itself seems to be the only remaining bit of a castle which they have then refurbished and I think use as a meteorological measurement site and I suspect fire-spotting tower in the summer. After taking a stack of photos, we walk back down which of course only takes half the time it took on the way up.

Then it is back to the pool for some more relaxing, prior to our last few days before heading home. Jackie manages another swim and I manage to get up to my knees! 

We will have our dinner and then pack up tonight before heading off tomorrow morning directly after breakfast. We have a few stops on our way further south, before heading to a place called Uzes, near the famous roman aqueduct, Pont du Gard. We have one night there, before turning around and heading north again on Tuesday. We will drive back to where we picked up the car and then catch the train back to Lyon. We have a night in Lyon before then heading back to Mulhouse up on the Swiss border but still in France. We were going to have a final night in Zurich, but the cost of accommodation is too expensive. Mulhouse is in France, but is only 1 hour by the TGV fast train from Zurich, which will give us plenty of time to catch the plane on Thursday lunchtime.

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