Sunday, 27 September 2015

Saturday 26th Sept – a bit of a rest day

Today is our rest day…we figure we should have one or two while we are on ‘holidays’ and given that we will be home next week.

A lazy lie-in starts the day, before we decide that we should at least head down to our local village to check it out and get a coffee. This is a 7 km drive though and takes a while when you hardly ever get out of 3rd gear because the road is so narrow and windy. This village, Largentiere, does not even rate in our guide book to the area, however we discover that it is still an old stone village, with the a square, the usual civic buildings and is really quite lovely and typical of the area.

We find a shop open to sell us a coffee and then buy a croissant to eat by the small river that runs through town. After a bit of a wander around we head back up to the top of the hill to our hotel.

Then it is RnR time! The hotel is nearly at the top of the hill, but its outdoor pool is a few flights of outdoor stone steps at the very top. It is a beautiful sunny day of around 21’C. The pool is all set up with banana lounges, but of course we are the only ones mad enough to be up here. I test the water, it is freezing, so decide to lie on my lounge and read my book. Jackie, of course, decides that the pool must be swum in and so slowly eases her way in and manages a few laps of the short pool (crazy!).

It is a most pleasant way to pass the afternoon. Then it is time for a bit of nap before our dinner. We are working our way through the menu at the restaurant and we can buy a bottle of wine, and leave it half finished for them to bring out the following evening. Very civilized!

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