Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Our first task of the day was to try and find someone to fix the camera, but no luck finding a camera shop. Mind you the damage is not too bad, so we will survive. I also spent time in an optical shop but in the end did not purchase any frames…it is just that everyone in Lyon has such funky glasses and I want some too!

Then it was onto the more serious business of sightseeing.

While trying to find a local mural, I ended up taking us on a bit of a wild goose chase. That whole northern v southern hemisphere thing sometimes just gets me ... my brain says south should be this way but in fact is 180' in the other direction. Anyway, time was no issue, so we were able to explore more of our neighbourhood and wander through one of the weekly markets... good to see that the same junk is sold the world over! 

Found a metro station and got the train and even a tram (very nice) to the new suburb of La Confluence.. effectively this is Lyon's revamped docklands..only their docks are river docks rather than sea ports. I wanted to see the new Confluence Museum, which is quite a stunning piece of modern architecture. We also decided that we would pop inside. It is actually the Science & Anthropology Museum and was reasonably interesting, although I think more geared for kids. But still we had a nice time.

We then took a long tram ride across town to the Tete d'Or Park. This city not only shows how to run a train system but also a tram system. There are trams every 5-10 mins all day, the trams are quite a bit larger than ours and extremely comfortable. The whole transport system here is excellent.

At the Park we wandered around for several hours. This park is supposedly the largest urban park in Europe. We thought we had walked most of it, but as we left we saw the map and realised we had just covered a half!  There are botanical gardens, many hot houses and a rather sad little zoo. But it does offer lots of open space to wander / play / jog in for the apartment dwellers of Lyon.

The train home, picked up a freshly baked baguette (at 5pm!), some beautiful cheeses and a bottle of wine from the Comptoir de Vin (sounds much nicer than the 'grog shop'). Feet up, a nice rest and a quiet dinner at home!

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