Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lyon wanderings (Mon 14th)

We start our day with catching the funicular (part of the Metro system) down the hill. The area we are staying is called Croix Rousse and is on top of quite a steep hill. It has a feeling of being its own village, a bit distinct from the rest of Lyon. The funicular is underground and is like a cross between a tram and a train. We are so impressed with the public transport in this city of 1.4million people.

Today's area to explore is the Pres'quile, the main administration area that sits on land between the two big rivers the Soane and the Rhone. Here we find more fabulous old buildings and much architecture to remind you that you are in France. Main difference here to what is often found in Paris is that Lyon buildings often don’t have the shutters. The reason being that many of the buildings used to house the silk production and so buildings were built with many windows or larger windows without shutters as they workers needed all the light they could get to make the silk.

We wandered along boulevards and down back streets and little alley ways, it was all very interesting. We found one of the murals that Lyon has become renown for. We had a small disaster when Jackie tripped on uneven paving and fell with camera in hand. Luckily she only suffered a few scraps on the ankle, and although the camera is a bit dented and the auto lens cap wont close properly now, it is actually still working.

Today we decided to go light as far as lunch was concerned and so found a cafĂ© that did toasted open sandwiches, which are called Tartines… and even they were rather special.

Having eaten we headed off to one of the main shopping areas, but did not find much to inspire. We huddled under an awning to escape a rather heavy downfall, finally escaping to buy an umbrella (after which the rain stopped of course!).

Our main afternoon activity was the Museum of Fine Arts. It was a pretty good collection ranging from Egyptian antiquities to much early Renaissance art, through to a small but good collection of Impressionists and later.

Then it was home, and a more reasonable dinner of potatoes, beans and salad… time to give the stomach a rest…we think!

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