Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jackie's Birthday (Sat 12th)

It is a Happy Birthday to my darling Jackie!  It always seems so special to be overseas for birthday’s and we have had a few overseas ones now. But today is extra special as we have booked a top French restaurant run by Paul Bocuse, France’s chef of the century!

But first a light breakfast in bed and then up and out to see the local Saturday market which seems to take over half the streets in this area! There is food, clothing, bric-a-brac etc. We can not help ourselves and purchase vegetables, fruits, nougat, salami and other lovely looking things for the week ahead. Then it is back home to change into our ‘good’ clothes and make the trek to the Restaurant.

Again this place is in the suburbs, be we got information about how to get there yesterday at the tourism bureau and then I am able to use a map on my iphone to track where we are heading and where to get off the buses! I love technology.

On arrival, we are escorted from the entrance into the dining room which is exactly what you would expect from a top class restaurant. There are more 'staff' than I have ever seen for ordering, one for wines, one for breads, one for serving etc.... Not long after we started an elderly woman came past our table and wished us Bon appetite! We realised that is was Madame Bocuse! Paul Bocuse is now 91 years old and so does not come to his restaurant too much anymore, so his wife greets the guests instead.

Everything we ate was superb (at the price we paid it should have been as well!). We tried to not be too piggy..but it did not really work! By the end of the main, I was feeling very good, but then came the cheeses, of which we selected too many! Then came what we thought was dessert, some tiny pastries and a small but rich chocolate mousse (which was to die for!)...the waiter said it was the "appetiser for dessert" and we thought he was kidding so ate it all. A few minutes later, three massive trays of different desserts were then bought from which we had to make a choice!! While we did not finish all our desserts, we made a good effort and then finished off the meal with a coffee.

During the course of the meal it had been raining heavily outside (the first for our holiday) and while it had eased off somewhat, it was rather a soggy walk across the river back to our bus stop for our trip home.

We got home around 5pm and due to the rain that was still falling just spent the rest of the day tucked up and doing a few chores like writing postcards, blogs and planning the remainder of our trip. 

Dinner was a cup of tea!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jackie! Love the photos of the two of you together and the story about the best birthday dinner ever xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to Jackie! Love the photos of the two of you together and the story about the best birthday dinner ever xxxx