Friday, 4 September 2015

Arriving in Europe

Well, here we are back in Europe. It has been a while!

The flight over was good, and we really liked the Premium Economy seats. Definitely more room. Mind you, still not sleep much.

Arrived in Zurich at 6:30am and through customs etc without any drama. After a much deserved coffee, we booked our rail tickets for both today and the panoramic train for tomorrow. By 8:47 we were on a train to Lucerne. I am pleased to report you can still set you watch by the Swiss trains! 

Arrived in Lucerne and our hotel at 10am. Too early to book in and so we dumped our bags and spent the next 4 hours just leisurely wandering around the old city and they key sites of Lucerne.

We headed back to our hotel just after 2pm, as I was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other. We had a rest and I even managed an hours sleep. We then headed back out for a stroll around our local neighbourhood. It is a pretty cool area with lots of nice looking bars...unfortunately, I couldn't cope with a drink today!

We did a bit of a shop at the local supermarket and had a picnic dinner in our room. An early night tonight as we need to be up early for our 7am train trip through the Swiss Alps!

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