Saturday, 12 September 2015

Annecy and on... (Thurs 10th)

Another morning to ‘kill’ in Annecy! Up, bags packed and left with reception (ie lady owner) and we head down into the old city to enjoy another coffee and croissant breakfast. Today is warm (due to be 23’c again), but a few more clouds around. After a bit more wandering around, looking dreamily into patisserie windows, we head back to the lake and wander around its shores admiring the views and people exercising!

Just past the sailing and rowing club is a little beach and Jackie can not resist jumping in to the beautiful water for a bit of a swim. We then sit on the grass as she dries and watch some schools PE class where they are learning to sail, canoe or row…I guess PE in the winter is a short trip up the mountains for a quick ski!

Some more walking and then we head back to have some lunch (fantastic mussels!), before heading back to our hotel to pick up our bags and head off to the train station (which was not that far away after all!!!). There was a train to Lyon waiting patiently at the platform, we just jumped on, with our Eurail pass no need for queuing for tickets. 5 mins later we are off on the 2 hour trip to our main destination for this holiday, Lyon.

We arrived in Lyon around 4pm at the inter-city train station. I knew there was a Metro, but just needed to find it! Out the front and there it is! Worked out how to buy a ticket because the ticket machines are in 4 languages including English…just like our Myki cards (ha ha!!). Then worked our way onto the 3 different lines to get us to Croix-Rousse (Red Cross) the name of the area that we are staying. It was really easy and exceptionally efficient. It was a short walk from the station to the address of our apartment. We were there about 45mins early (meeting the owner at 6pm), but alas she was early too, so we were ensconced in our apartment by 5:30pm.

Croix-Rousse area is up on one of the two hills in Lyon, and we are fortunate enough to have a great view over the east of the city from our apartment. The apartment is in an old early 19th or late 18th century building, but of course the interiors have been renovated. Our apartment is fabulous with little lounge area and modern kitchen, a bathroom (shower & bath) and a separate toilet. The apartment has very high ceiling and so one half of the apartment has been divided in half with the lower half the bedroom (ceiling 6’) and above is the mezzanine area where Delpine has her work area, it appears she makes groovy light shades. All in all, it is a wonderful spot and these clever Europeans can fit amazing things into small spaces.

Unpack, have a shower and then it was time to head out for dinner. On recommendation from Delphine we headed to a nearby local Lyonnaise restaurant. This restaurant is a local favourite, and its decor is fascinating with all the walls covered in hundreds of clocks of the mid 20th century. The food was excellent.

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