Saturday, 5 September 2015

A day of chocolate box scenary

....albeit a little soggy!

We left our fabulous hotel at 6:30am this morning. When I say fabulous, the service was fantastic. Yesterday afternoon we asked when they thought the noisy roadworks outside would finish as we needed a nap. They insisted that we change rooms... Then when they advised breakfast was included and they realised we were leaving just when breakfast was starting... they said they would pack us a picnic pack, which they did and which was very substantial.

Today was our 'panoramic' train journeying day across Switzerland. Well last night it seemed to rain reasonably heavily for much of the evening, so it was looking a ominous for our train trip through the mountains. And indeed it was rainy for much of the day and the cloud cover was a lot lower than those snow covered peaks.

C'est la vie! You can book your train ticket, but not the weather.  It was a nice train journey nonetheless. Lots of 'typical Swiss' architecture, cows with bells round their necks and a country side so green, it is hard to believe. The scenic journey finished in Montreux, then there was another train around Lac Leman to Geneva. Here we caught a bus that took us to the outskirts of Geneva which is actually France and where we could then catch a French train to our final destination.

After, 5 train changes, 2 buses and 9 hours of travelling, we have found ourselves now in the French Alps, in St Gervais les Bains. We are in a nice little private hotel with a spectacular view across the valley to the mountains beyond.

Tonight we ventured to our first restaurant, which was very good.

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